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     It has been a spring like no other with all of the rain. Great temperatures to work in but missed several days in May due to rain. Trying to catch up but a few weeks behind with our spring clean ups & mulching. 


  We have alot on the go this season with several new installations to start in July.  If you are looking for a fresh look, don't hesitate to contact us before too long. With delays & alot of jobs booked our schedule is quite full for the season.  I am always excited to see designs created by Robert at Natures Visions Designs come to life and we could start planning for spring of 2020.


  If you've any requests please email. That is the fastest way to get in touch with me. I try to reply within the day if I can. Please make sure you've the proper email address as we've had a few issues with people emailing .com when it should be tlcmm@hotmail.ca   We are often out of the office so phone messages aren't checked as frequently with calls often returned a few days later. Our days start before 6am so we appreciate calls before 8pm in the evening if possible.



 Thank you for checking out Twins Lawn Care Service - Ontario







A little about Twins Lawn Care Service


At age 15, I chose the name Twins Lawn Care Service and registered it.  The following summer I hired my twin sister Morgan, rented my parents GMC truck, trailer and their lawn mower and off we went from job to job. When I finished high school I worked full time at a local GM car dealership for a few years. After hours and weekends I was out mowing lawns & gardening as well as building my business. In 1997 I was awarded a large multiple property maintenance contract and officially became self employed, living the dream !  Having satisfied, loyal customers and taking pride in each job we do the business has grown rapidly, hiring employees and it has become a huge success ! 



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